Full Stack QA. Quality Consultant.



Divya is an Agile enthusiast, technical tester and a teacher at heart!

1) Inception expert – Divya can facilitate workshops to help build product canvas by defining user journeys and personas. She has experience collaborating with UX Designers, Developers and Business Analysts on such workshops.

2) Industry Experience – Divya is a Tester with 8+ years of industry experience working in an Agile environment. She has hands-on experience in all stages of software testing life cycle from the White box, Black box, Automation testing to Regression and Usability testing.

3) Speaker and Trainer – She has been an active speaker and trainer at numerous testing events, workshops, and conferences. She has been deeply appreciated for her sessions at renowned conferences/meetups hosted by Thoughtworks in Delhi and Pune, India.

Skills Overview

1) Automation:

     -Front-end: Selenium(Java) For web apps,Cypress and Taiko

     -API Testing: Postman,Rest Assured

     -Performance: Jmeter,Gatling

     -Mobile: Calabash(ruby), Appium

2) Knowledge on CI/CD: Jenkins,GoCD

3) Source code management: Git

4) Architectural styles: Microservices,Monolithic

5) Virtualization: Containers (Docker)

6) Test Approaches:

     -BDD: Cucumber

     -TDD: Junit , TestNG

7) Test Methodologies: Agile (Scrum and Kanban)